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My trike is the best thing I ever bought. It is used every day for many different things, I use it every day to go to work, winter and summer... keep up the good work. Thanks again. 

Mark File

Greenville, IL

I am 73 years old and I have ridden just about all of them, big ones, little ones, and pushed some too, but I love this trike. I have my coupe and motorcycle all in one package, and a shade tree mechanic can keep this bike going on down the road. There are plenty of parts available, all you have to do is give Ron a call, and he will fix you right up. He is most knowledgeable about this product! Sam Snyder the proud owner of a cherry 1990 Cobra trike!

Sam Snyder

Rockport, WV

I drive mine daily to the grocery store. {It} has 35000 miles on it . I bought to ride. I think I put a bit much chrome on it underneath (smile, just kidding). Have to give it to Ron for the advice and service I have received since I purchased the trike. One of a kind in Reno NV. Thanks Ron.

Bill Hinkle

Reno, NV

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