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Renegade trikes have been built under different model names for over three decades. The year 2015 marks 33 years of making one of the most unique, stable, safe, durable and exciting trikes in the world. Building a trike that provides our customers with the comfort, ease of operation and practicality they love has been a real blessing for us. 

With several models, unlimited colors to choose from, and enough options to make this trike uniquely yours, Renegade is the ultimate route to an independent and a carefree lifestyle of motorcycle riding. We invite you to cruise our web site and see the various possibilities in having us build your own Renegade with your personal preferences.


Still not convinced? Call to schedule a test drive. You'll be delighted at how fun, easy and safe it is to drive a Renegade on back roads as well as the open highway. Of course, once it's yours, the hard part could be getting the rest of the family out of the driver's seat! 


Renegade Trikes have several advantages over other trikes and motorcycles. These trikes are designed for safety, comfort, and durability, and we think you'll agree that you can't find a better trike out there! Consider:

​     1. Safety:

  • This bike is stronger and more visible than just about any other  


  • Seat belt option keeps both driver and passengers safer.
  • Full windshields protect you from debris.
  • Exceptional sports-car-like handling and stability.

     2. Comfort:

  • Bench seats more comfortable for touring. Passengers are seated beside driver, which allows more comfort, a better view of the road ahead, and easier conversation.
  • Full back support for driver an passengers.
  • Removable hardtop models protect from wind, sun and rain!

    3. Cargo Space:

  • 10 to 20 CUBIC FEET of easy-access cargo space. 

    4. Ease of Operation:

  • You don't hold it up and there is no shifting!

    5. Easy Customization:

  • Easy aftermarket modification for Personal Customization, and for those with disabilities that enjoy riding.

    6. More Seating Capacity:

  • Three to five adults can ride!

     7. More towing capacity:

  • V-8 powered, solid stainless steel heavy gauge frame and smooth automatic transmission permit better, safer towing than conventional motorcycles!

     8. More (Much More) Smooth Power:

  • V-8 engine provide all the smooth power anyone could need!

   9. Durability:

  • ​The automotive drive train, marine-grade upholstery, stainless steel frame and aluminum body make this cycle so durable it;s longevity is measured in generations, not in years! 




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The Gallery you can view many kinds of trikes maybe find the one you been dreaming about.

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 Clothing – You Clothing – You can now order Renegade apparel, pay and have it shipped directly to your home on line!  Simply click on the apparel button and you will be taken to our store front which contains shirts, jackets, caps, sweatshirts and much more.


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Parts – You can now search for parts from major companies like Custom Chrome, Jegs, Mid-USA, Edlebrock and others through our website.  You simply choose the part you want and email or call us with your part information and payment.  In most cases the part will be shipped directly to you within 24 hours.​


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