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Renegade Gives You Freedom On The Road

After you spend your work week in the board room, the classrooom, the factory, or making sales calls, let Renegade Trikes turn you into a rebel in your free time.

With several models and more than 20 colors to choose from, and options enough to make your trike uniquely yours, a Renegade is the ultimate route to your independence and a free (make that three) wheeling lifestyle.

We invite you to go through our web site and see all of the possibilities to tailor your own Renegade to your personal preferences. Better yet, call to schedule a test drive. You'll be delighted at how great and safe it is to drive a Renegade on the open highway.

You'll love the feeling you get when you crank up the V-8 engine that generates the power when you accelerate. Of course, the hard part could be getting the rest of the family out of the driver's seat!

Advantages Offered by Renegade Trikes

Renegade Trikes have several advantages over other trikes and motorcycles. These trikes are designed for safety, comfort, and durability, and we think you'll agree that you can't find a better trike out there! Consider:
  1. Safety
    • This bike is bigger and more visible than just about any other motorcycle!
    • Seat belts keep both driver and passengers safer.
    • Full windshields protect you from debris.

  2. Comfort
    • Bench seats more comfortable for touring.
    • Passengers are seated beside driver, which allows more comfort, a better view of the road ahead, and easier conversation.
    • Full back support for driver and passengers.
    • Removable hardtop models offer protection from wind, sun and rain!

  3. Cargo Space
    • 10 to 20 CUBIC FEET of easy-access cargo space.

  4. Ease of Operation
    • You don't hold it up and there is no shifting!

  5. Easy Customization
    • Easy aftermarket modification for Personal Customization, and for those with disabilities that enjoy riding.

  6. More Seating Capacity
    • Three to five adults can ride!

  7. More Towing Capacity
    • V-8 powered, solid stainless steel heavy gauge frame and smooth automatic transmission permit better, safer towing than conventional motorcycles!

  8. More (Much More) Smooth Power
    • V-8 power plants provide all the smooth power anyone could need!

  9. Durability
    • The automotive drive train, marine-grade upholstery, stainless steel frame and aluminum body make this motorcycle so durable its longevity is measured in generations, not in years!

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